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The distributor that looks for the finest quality products

We push ourselves to be the best

We are dynamic and passionate team specialized in "better for you" foods in the North American retail market. We create our brands, offer private labels and licensing, support food companies to develop their products and build brands. We take charge of all the market and product needs and provide versatile tools and solutions that directly impact business growth.



Offer solutions that clarify day-to-day operations and facilitate access to the North American retail markets through our expertise and partners that drive consumers sales and increase profitability.

Find reliable suppliers to deliver great quality on-trend products to consumers across North America that are compliant with food and safety regulation in Canada and the United States.



We have a dynamic quickly adapts to challenges and offers  flexible and efficient solutions for distributing products across North America.

We are committed to "better for you" products, and we want to bring them to  consumers' table through our own brands and partners' brands.



We take pride in building brands and learn from the past to shape a successful future. We are fully committed to offering the best products and services to our partners and consumers. We believe in integrity and professionalism, and we daily empower each other and win together.

Business Team
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