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Private Label

Palmula, Inc. partners with SVDT and specializes in allergen-free bars: all our products are peanut-free, vegan and gluten-free certified. Many other claims are also available to meet your requirements.



We work hard to analyze market trends and consumer food consumption to find innovative recipes. We also like to collaborate with our clients to discuss their needs and create unique formulas to meet all their requirements.




We have an experienced team composed of food scientists, packaging engineering, supply chain and production that works together to create innovative products with clean ingredients that meet international standards and consumer trends.



We partner with our clients to offer the perfect finished product respecting execution plans and launch deadlines. We also work hard to provide the best customer service and ensure regular communication to make our partnerships successful.


Delivery & Distribution


Palmula not only arranges expert production of food products to clients, but also specializes in delivery & distribution. We are always prompt with our service and will do everything possible  to get the job done and done on time. If you have any comments or suggestions for ways we can improve, please let us know.  We welcome constructive criticism.

Our Quality Standards

Quality is our priority. Our professional team and excellent manufacturing equipment guarantee that we manufacture your products according to the highest standards in the food industry.

We abide by internationally recognized quality standards.

In order to guarantee taste and the absence of allergens, our quality experts control each stage of the manufacturing process - , from the reception of the raw materials to the shipment of your finished goods.


  • 15,000 sq. ft. factory 

  •  Modern and efficient manufacturing layout

  •  Equipment to manufacture any shape bar

  •  14 MM bars annual capacity


International Certifications:


Since we started, we believe in the importance of international food and safety regulations compliance. We are committed to an "eating well" philosophy and to continuously improving and developing our quality approach.

SVDT laboratories are responsible for carefully analyzing and monitoring quality parameters at all levels of the value chain. We are certified for ISO 22000, ISO 9001, HACCP and Peanut Free production.

We develop clean bar recipes with 3 to 5 simple ingredients based on fruits, dried fruits and nuts. We respect international label claim regulations and certify our raw, vegan, no- added sugar, gluten-free products to satisfy our customer.

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